Whitsundays is a stunning archipelago of 74 picturesque tropical islands that are home to one of the most spectacular beaches in the world. These islands are a collection of continental islands that are situated off the coast of central Queensland. It was the year 1770 when Captain Cook discovered these beautiful islands. It was he who was the first one to realize that the area was safeguarded by an outer reef.

The Whitsunday Islands are perfect for experiencing the different adventurous activities like sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling and beach basking.

Below I am going to showcase the top 5 most exotic places to visit while on a trip to the Whitsundays.

1. Whitehaven Beach
Whitehaven Beach

While on a trip to the Whitsunday Islands you cannot afford miss going to the Whitehaven Beach. The beach stretches for a distance of 7 km that is a perfect combination of white sand and the turquoise sea. The beach is one of the cleanest beaches that you would find in the entire World. One of the highlights of the Whitehaven beach is the Hill Inlet which is an amazing cove that is located at the northern end of it. Over here you can experience the tides swirling the bright white sand. When you have an aerial view of the Hill Inlet it will appear like an amazing water color painting. Visitors can travel to the beach by taking ferries, luxury yachts, and power boats for a day trip. A number of overnight sailing trips that travel to the different islands stop at the Whitehaven Beach.

2. Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef
Shining below the Coral Sea is the Great Barrier Reef which is one of the seven natural wonders of the World. The reef acts as a shield for the Whitsunday Islands as it protects the waters from the large swells of the ocean and creates the perfect conditions for quite a few activities like sailing, snorkeling. Scuba diving and cruising. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the richest ecosystems in the World. The marine life of the reef is pretty diverse. There are more than 1625 different species of fish and close to 1400 varieties of coral. Along with this, the reef also consists of giant clams, turtles, snakes, whales, rays and sharks.

3. Hamilton Island
Hamilton Island

There are a number of stunning attractions, resorts and a plethora of activities which is the reason behind the popularity of the island. Out of all the islands on the Whitsundays, Hamilton Island is the only one that has a commercial airport. There are different varieties of accommodations which are available on the Hamilton Island. From the palm shaded bungalows to the yacht club villas there is something for everyone. The island has a number of its own attractions. A person can hike on the trails, play various sports like tennis and golf. Just like all the other islands water sports are among the top attractions of the island and while on the island you will be able to choose from a number of them. Reaching the Hamilton Island is also quite easy. There are a number of direct flights that run from a majority of the Australian cities.

4. Long Island
Long Island

The Long Island is located at a distance of just a kilometer from the mainland. It is basically a pristine national park where you will be able to find the fringing reefs at a distance of just 150 m from the offshore. You will be able to find long walking tracks all around the bushland. All over the Long Island, there are three resorts that will enable you to experience the exciting water sports and even relax on the beautiful beaches. Long Island is pretty close to the Shute Harbour which can be reached by taking a 20 minute ferry ride. It is an affordable resort and is a perfect place for all those who want to stay close to nature.

5. Daydream Island
Daydream Island

Daydream Island is a pretty tiny island that is quite popular among the families. The island is quite close to the mainland. The entire island is covered by the Daydream Island Resort and Spa and is quite an attraction for the day trip visitors. Even though the size of the resort is quite small still it delivers all the faculties which will enable a person to enjoy his time to the fullest. A few of the facilities include a mini golf course, bright lagoon style pools, open air cinema and an aquarium that allows the guests to hand feed the sharks and the stingrays. Over here a visitor can indulge in rainforest walking, coral-viewing trips and reef fishing.

6. Hook Island
Hook Island

The moment you land on the Hook Island you will find rocks all around. It is a paradise for all the adventure sports lovers as the island offers one of the best spots for the scuba diving and snorkeling on the Whitsundays. A majority of the island is a national park that has a number of trails to the rain forests and the coral-strewn beaches. Most of the people that visit the Hook island book a day trip or go camping on the picturesque beach side. The Nara Inlet which is located on the Hook Island is a peaceful and beautiful inlet that is 3 km long.

7. Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach

The Airlie Beach is quite popular among the backpackers and keeps on buzzing during the day and night. The beach is quite popular among the tourists and is a perfect destination to organize a number of adventurous activities. There are a variety of accommodations to fit every budget as there are many affordable hostels and luxury hotels that you will find on the beach. The Airlie Beach Markets are a great way to go through the crafts, gifts, souvenirs and fresh produce.

In The End

All the places which are mentioned are a must visit destinations while on a trip to the Whitsunday Islands. Every place has a unique quality of its own and will offer a memorable experience to you.


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