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Not everyone can afford spending thousands and thousands of dollars for a few weeks of vacation. Are you looking for a legendary vacation without putting a larger hole in your wallet?

Here are the top vacation destinations in the world to travel with lesser money.

1. Fiji

Who would have thought that an exotic tropical Pacific beach location would top this list? Unlike many beach destinations, Fiji is not bottlenecked with competitive markets and commercialization. Thus, you can enjoy a world-class experience like diving, beach picnic, taste the local food, and sleep in a beach-view hotel and much more in a comparatively lesser budget. You can find numerous flights to Fiji every day and thus, the rates are quite lower. The entire island is quite small and you can backpack through the entire region. Thus, you would be saving in travel too.

2. Thailand

For several decades, Thailand has been a cheaper destination to cover, even for inmates of developing countries. This is the land of backpacking. If you are ready to compromise with cheaper accommodation and local cuisine, you can cover the vacation with just $30 or a little more per day per head. If you choose to spend your vacation in exclusive island regions, you would be spending around $70 per day.

3. Eastern part of Europe

Countries like Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria and Romania are famous for being cheap destinations for living like a royal. You would be spending around $40 per day for a grand vacation. It has all the beauty and tourism elements of Europe, but they come with a cheaper price tag. If you choose off-beaten locations, you would be cutting down on your cost, even more.

4. Central America

Are you looking for a nature-filled vacation without spending money in any exotic vacation packages? It is time to think about Central America. The region holds many smaller countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and others, where you can find budget hotels, local cuisine and liquor for unbelievable prices. Even the costliest countries of the region like Costa Rica, Panama and others would not be fairly expensive. You can backpack through the region and live a day in less than $100 and enjoy an exotic and beautiful vacation.

5. India

India is both cheap and luxurious place to visit. If you choose Andaman, Rajasthan, Mumbai or the luxury trains, you might have to spend like kings. If you choose exotic locations like Goa, Pondicherry, Coonoor, Meghalaya, Kasauli, Amboli and others, you can scale the place in a moderate to low budget. There is also the season factor to the budget. Choosing peak tourism season would hike the total cost of the vacation.

6. Cambodia

If you are choosing Southeast Asia, Cambodia is a great choice. You can get a good hotel, transportation and local cuisine for less than $50 per day. This is what you need to spend for a luxurious vacation here. You can backpack through the region, experience almost all activities for free, and enjoy the culture of the land and much more.

7. South Korea

Do not worry about political stability. South Korea is emerging to be a great cultural destination in the world. It is one of the off-beaten destinations in Asia. The place is beautiful by day and daring lively during the night. The nightlife of the land is quite admirable. With the down-the-rock South Korean currency rate, it is quite possible to enjoy a very grand vacation with a simple budget. The local transportation and air tickets are dead cheap and you can enjoy a unique vacation here.

8. China

China was once a place to visit in a shoestring budget. Today, it is a budget destination. Although not the cheapest destination in Asia, it is quite a catch. You can enjoy a grand stay and explore in region in a decent cost. If you choose to stay with budget hotels, explore off-beaten spots and interior location, you can go even cheaper. It is one of the most vibrant destinations to enjoy in such a small budget.

9. Australia

The entire continent is not cheap. Some places in Australia are platinum level expensive. If you choose to stick with backpacking and choose off-beaten tracks at lean tourism season, Australia turns from expensive location to a cheap trail. With a recent drop in the price of the Australian dollar, it is becoming quite affordable. Although not the prime choice for anyone looking for the cheapest destination, it is one of the tempting places for a moderate budget destination.

10. Portugal

There are very few Europe countries to add to this list and Portugal is one important country. This wine country with iconic beaches comes at a bargain price. It is quite popular and very crowded. This popularity has still not increased the prices of the land. Lisbon is the most expensive region of the land. If you avoid Lisbon, you can enjoy the stunning sceneries and jovial lifestyle of Portugal at a cheaper rate.

There is a beauty in staying at the prime hotel, enjoying exotic seasonal dishes, trying the expensive activities and living like a royal heir. However, there is a real beauty in living like the local, tasting the local life and staying closer to nature.


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