travel tips for first time travellers

Traveling has become a necessity today. There was a time when traveling was a leisurely and recreational activity; but today people need to travel for the purpose of business and work as well. Infact traveling has been recommended by doctors and therapists too as it is believed to have healing and therapeutic effects. Whatever be the need and purpose of traveling, every traveler has the ‘first experience’ of traveling and that always remains as a special place in his heart and mind. Nowadays, solo traveling is the new concept which has emerged and has gained immense popularity globally. People like to pack their bags and set out on a journey all on their own.

First time traveling might make you slightly nervous and jittery. Mentioned below are some useful and highly effective tips, which will make you a confident traveler and help you in enjoying a great trip. You can come back from the trip with a box full of lovely memories, which will remain embedded in your mind forever.


  • Check your passport at the first place



For international traveling, passport is mandatory. If this is your first international travel, you need to be more careful. Check for the validity of the passport. If the validity is ending somewhere between 6 months to one year, it is recommended to go for passport renewal in Miami. If you have abundant time in hand for the travel, you can apply with the Department of State in US. However, you can also make passport renewal applications via some Miami passport agency. Generally such agencies offer services of expedited passport in Miami and you can even get same day passport if needed.

The passport is not only needed for international traveling. This document can act as an excellent identity proof for any person. Even if you are traveling within your own country and need to carry an identity proof with you, take the passport as it acts as evidence for many things at once.


  • Do not carry lots of electronics with you


travel electronic items

The numbers of tech-savvy individuals are increasing in the world as gadgets and tools are being made in the most user-friendly manner. On your first travel plan, do not stuff your luggage with expensive and bulky electronic items. You might have the best camera accessories – but there is no point in carrying all of them with you. You can also keep your laptop back at home. Smartphones nowadays can be used for various purposes – from sending important mails to clicking photos.


  • Travel insurance is mandatory


travel insurance

Most travelers will not talk much about travel insurance. But as a first time traveler it is always good to be safe than be sorry. Having a travel insurance in place will keep you safeguarded from many things. Whether your luggage is stolen or your flights have been cancelled – your travel insurance can help in saving you great amounts of money on the long run. Most importantly, with a travel insurance in place, you can be at peace of mind during the whole travel period.


  • Download some safety apps on the phone


download travel apps

When in a new place, dangers can lurk from any corner. It is always good to be alert and have safety measures handy. With the trend of solo traveling catching up with people greatly, new and better safety measures have to be thought of. It is recommended to download some safety apps on the smartphone so that you feel safe even when you are alone in a new city. The apps should be connected to some contacts on your list so that even from a distance, they can keep a watch on you. In case of some unlikely event, the people will at least have proper information.


  • Have a confident gesture and keep your head high



When in a new place, you might be confused as which way to go. But the trick is to behave as if you know where you are going. The moment someone notices that you are confused and lost, you become a vulnerable victim. If you are alert, quick and confident, chances are rare that you will be approached by strangers offering help. Refrain from staring down as Google Maps right in the middle of the road. Instead plug in earphones and let the voice guide you! You can not only watch your surroundings with this, but it will also guide you at the same time.


  • Dressing properly is very important


There is no point in standing out when it comes to dressing in a new city. You must do thorough research on the kinds of clothes that the local people of the area adorn. Dresses that are common and okay in the US might be unsuitable in other countries. It is recommended to be as inconspicuous as possible in a new place and this stands applicable for men and women alike. While being dressed as a local, you have very less chances of being attacked by pickpockets and dangerous human ‘predators’. You might need to do little shopping for that, but it is worth it!


  • Be extremely cautious of your money



Travel experts opine keeping cash handy – at least to some minimum amount. It is also recommended to keep photocopies of debit cards and credit cards so that in case of theft or the cards being stolen, you can produce the photocopies while applying for a duplicate card. Also inform the bank that you are traveling. In case your cards are lost or stolen, the bank can block them as soon as they receive information.


  • Don’t compromise with your health whatsoever


travel health

This point is more applicable for travelers who are traveling to international destinations for the first time. You might get bit by bugs or develop some kind of skin reaction suddenly. Do not ignore these and make sure that you clean the place and get it treated at the soonest. It has been seen that negligible skin wounds have led to graver health issues and discomfort in people. Even in case of minor discomfort and issues, it is recommended to seek immediate medical assistance. The insurance might not pay immediately, but with proper papers and documents, the medical bills are usually reimbursed later.

While traveling internationally for the first time, make sure that you keep the information of your embassy or consulate handy. This might prove to be helpful in a foreign land when unexpected situations crop up suddenly. Follow these tips and your first travel experience will be a great one.

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