Are you stressed with life and are looking for a break but can’t settle on a holiday destination? You don’t have to go to your grandma’s house or to your nearby beach as always. Give us a chance to help you with that. We have made a list of the 7 top hill stations in the world that you should totally plan your next trip to.

1. St. Moritz, Switzerland
1,865 mts above sea level

Top hill station - St. Moritz, Switzerland

Life in this city is a mix of nature, culture with sport and activities. This city in Switzerland is situated in the Upper Engadine and offers plenty of sunlight to the people staying there. Tourists all around the world are driven here by the new Alpine lifestyle, rich restaurants, luxurious hotels, and high-class international events. The place also has a good shopping area with local goods. The picturesque lanes explain why this is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world. You can experience the uniqueness of the Mauritius Church or the Segantini Museum. Also, beat the cold and chill in St. Moritz with the smoothness of Blackcraft.

2. Darjeeling, India
2,042 mts above sea level

Darjeeling is a fancy place that is decorated with the snow-peaked Kanchenjunga, gorgeous tea gardens along with the orchids and pine gardens. Don’t forget the famous toy train that gives you a ride through the Himalayan mountains. Darjeeling gives you an overall experience of sightseeing, Indian cuisine, shopping, and other adventure sports. This hill station is the best tourist destination to enjoy with your family and friends. Every nook and corner of the place talks vividly about life, its people and culture. One can definitely plan a great holiday in the hills of Darjeeling in a well-planned budget.

3. Pokhara, Nepal
1,400 mts above sea level

Pokhara, a city in Nepal, is an easy getaway holiday destination for family outings. It is an adventurous and leisure city that offers enough entertainment to families as well as solo travelers. Activities such as trekking, boating, hiking, paragliding are available. Tourists can also enjoy the scenic beauty of the lakes with the mesmerizing Annapurna mountain range as a background. A trip to Pokhara will surely leave you with some of the best photographs in the world. The highlight of your trip in Nepal will be the panoramic view of Himalayan peaks along the shores of lake Fewa with a beautiful color palette.

4. Sapa, Vietnam
1,500 mts above sea level

Sapa is a small town in Lao Cai Province. This Vietnamese town is a land of ethnic tribal people. The town of Sapa is flooded by visitors who are attracted by the variety of tribes, rice paddies, and treks in the forest.  The entire place is surrounded by striking natural beauty. Sapa is mostly known for its hikes and scenic beauty. The highest mountain peak in Vietnam, Fan Si Pan, can be found here which is a major tourist attraction. The mountain is located in the Hoang Lien National Park which is also widely famous for its diversity in animals. Other major attractions include the Cat Cat Village and the Ta Phin Village. Trekking is the main adventure sport and maps for the same are available in the Tourist Centre of Sapa. Remember to have some assistance during your hike to enhance your experience. There are also community-based tours where tourists can learn about the music and dance of the tribal people.

5. Tusheti, Georgia

2,850mts above sea level

Tusheti is a remote place located in the far northwest of Georgia but is not much of a popular weekend destination among the tourists. It is considered as the most magnificent regions of Georgia. The specialty of this place is the 2900m long Albano Pass that is open for just 5 months in the year. The Pass is also considered as one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Tusheti is mostly known for its hikes and horse-trekking. It is one of the most stunning, picturesque mountain regions of Georgia. The place is found with medieval stone houses that gives an authentic cultural vibe. One can also visit the Tusheti National Park in the country.

6. Great Smoky Mountain, USA

2,025 mts above sea level
The Great Smokey Mountain is one of the best hill stations to visit in the USA. It is also one of the most visited places by tourists. The place is situated on the border of North Carolina and in the sub-range the Appalachian mountain and is an ideal place to hike and camp. The Great Smokey Mountain has continued to reinvent themselves with the help of wind, water, and erosion. This has turned them into ageless mountains. The place also is the home to the most visited national park in the States. The Great Smokey Mountain is recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The naturally occurring fog that encircles the area has given the name ‘Smokey’.

7. Thredbo, Australia

2,037 mts above sea level

Thredbo, an alpine village in Australia, is truly one of its kind. It is a huge tourist attraction for people who enjoy places with snow sports. The hill station is a favorite skiing spot that offers a variety of snow sports like rock climbing, cycling, and trekking. Along with ski sports, it also has summer sports like golf, tennis and mountain biking. So take out your SuzukiSv650 and head to the mountain biking trail. At night, the place offers a vibrant atmosphere like no other with music and splendid sights. Travelers get to enjoy the extensive mountain view. The highlight of the village is the music festival held in summer.

Don’t think and start packing up your bags. We guarantee that you will have a memorable holiday at any of these stated hill stations in the world.


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