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Arguably the most captivating region of Europe, Italy is the home to irresistible delicacies, unparalleled art forms, picturesque sceneries, and some breathtaking architectural entities. However, the overwhelming coastline of around 7600kms is something that separates this country from the rest of European contingent. While for a tourist historic towns and the roman roots are pretty big motivators when it comes to backpacking across Italy, a person with considerable amount of time in hand must certainly experience the beautiful Italian coastline in order to learn more about this enticing country. That said, it is quite obvious to get confused during your first visit to Italy courtesy the existence of an expansive coastline that stretches from the West to East. Although there is quite a lot for a tourist to experience, right from Sanremo to Venice, you must have a fair idea of the places to look out for before even starting the journey.

In order to plan a perfect vacation to Italy, it is quite important to know more about the coastal towns in existence. However, we will start this discussion by enlisting the ones aligned to the western coast of the country, provided the tourists are heading southwards.

Riomaggiore: Land of Grapes

An inseparable part of Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore is the largest island in plain sight and extremely popular for its wine reserves and seafood. What’s encouraging for the tourists is the amazing variety of grapes found in regions like Albarola and Vermentino. Although Riomaggiore is a coastal town that stands out for its cultural uniqueness, it’s the underrated Sciacchetra that pulls a majority of tourists.

Portofino: Picturesque Fishing Village

Dissecting the Italian coastline would be incomplete without mentioning this scenic fishing village that’s typically known for its historical relevance. What pulls travelers from across the globe is Portofino’s popularity among the global celebrities.

Manarola: Revisiting the Colors

Here is a city that stands out for its colorful exterior, unique culture, and a distinction of being the most vibrant city across the globe. Coming back to Cinque Terre which is a term used for a conglomerate of 5 islands across the Italian mainland, Manarola is one of the mentioned villages that is extremely popular among the international tourists. Despite being Riomaggiore’s notable commune, this coastal town stands out for the cultural diversity and scenic locales.

Sorrento: Coastal Town with a Heart

Overlooking the Bay of Naples is this extremely popular town of Sorrento which has Pompie to its east. This region deftly hangs at the crest of Naples and is one of the more popular places for the tourists to lay low in. This coastal town is also known for the narrow and vintage pathways and bluish skies.

Positano: The Land of Caves

A trip to Italy feels incomplete without a visit to this coastal village that’s aligned to the southern part of the west coast. What separates Positano from other provinces is the inclination of film studios and the famous Bay Festival. Moreover, there are several caves like Ischia and Capri nearby which further add to the credibility and grandeur of this region.

Amalfi: Best Place to get a Tan

This town connects perfectly with Sorrento and faces the exciting waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Amalfi is best known for its historical significance followed by a host of scenic attractions like Shrine of Saint Andrew, Duomo di Amalfi, and The Chiostro del Paradiso.

Atrani: The Perfect Closure

If you were to visit Amalfi, the adjacent city would be a good place to cool off at, provided seclusion is what you are seeking. Needless to say, Atrani is the smallest coastal town in Italy with a population somewhere in the ballpark of 870 individuals. For tourists who are looking to conclude their trip to the western coast with sceneries and calmness, Atrani is the place to consider. Moreover, the likes of Torre Dello Ziro and Cave and House of Masaniello are some of the major tourist attractions.

While this concludes the western coastline for now, one wouldn’t want to miss out on the coastal provinces of the east, in order to successfully conclude the Italian travel itinerary.

Santa Cesarea Terme: Redefining Thermal Baths

If you have started exploring the eastern coastline, the Santa Cesarea Terme should be the first pit stop courtesy the enchanting locales, largest thermal showers, and exciting hot springs. Placed right at the tip of Salento or the Heel of the Italian Boot, Santa Cesarea Terme is the place to be in, especially during the winters.

Polignano a Mare: Historic Town with Greek Undertones

It wouldn’t be wrong to infer that while the western coastline is mostly for enjoying leisure, towns aligned to the Eastern coastline offer an extended set of options, in regards to adventures. Polignano a Mare is one historical region that is no different. While Santa Cesarea Terme is the economical hub of the Eastern Italian coast, a 2 hour northward journey will bring one to the historical epicenter. Polignano a Mare has its root deeply planted in the Greek era and this city draws inspiration from the region of Neapolis. Moreover, Polignano a Mare is also a great choice for someone who is looking to indulge in activities like cliff diving.

Cagliari: The Best Beach Town with Enviable Nightlife

Heading over the dominion region of Sardinia is a great option for someone who is planning to leave the mainland for a different experience altogether. Cagliari is the capital province which is also known for the 8km long beach i.e. Poetto. Although each one of the mentioned coastal towns has something new to offer to the tourists, the Poetto beach amplifies all the mentioned aspects and creates an aura in itself with fine sands and blue waters. One of the more popular beach towns, Cagliari is also a major tourist attraction for its happening nightlife.

Prolong the Italian Affair: Other Options in Store

Apart from the coastal towns, Italy offers a wide-range of options for the tourists to indulge in. For someone who is hard pressed for time, meandering through Florence, Venice, and Rome can quickly sum up the tour. While Rome brings the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Vatican Museums into the play, both Florence and Tuscany are best known for their art and obviously the wine variants. The bewitching Venice, known for its 150 canals and 400 bridges, however, doesn’t require an introduction and tourists visiting Italy must spare a day or two for gliding down the waters via Gondolas.

For someone with a slightly extended schedule, travelling across the Lakes and experiencing the beauty and style of Milan might just be the most probable choices. The lake lapped bars and sumptuous villas synonymous to Lake Como followed by the azure waters and vintage trips in speedboats are some of the more enriching choices for the tourists.

Backpacking across Italy: Things to Consider

While we have restricted the discussion to the Italian coastline as it’s the most underrated aspect of every travel itinerary, we understand that a tourist would need to keep up with a lot of handy suggestions for successfully completing a tour. Hassle-free commute options include ferries, bus networks, and even domestic air links whereas the train routes can be typically used for covering larger distances. For someone looking to crash in for a night or two, Italy has diverse mountain huts, hip hostels, palazzos, secluded villas, remote farmhouses, and even lakeside campsites. What’s encouraging for travellers is that off-season prices are quite reasonable!

While Italy is probably the richest European country, in terms of cultural heritage and scenic abundance, it happens quite often that ill-informed tourists miss out on the actual coastline bliss— something which has now been elaborated throughout this discussion of ours.


About the Author: Giovanni Benvenuto is the managing director of Benvenuto Limos, a chauffeur and private tour guide company, serving the tourists who visit Italy to discover the outstanding beauty of the country. Apart from his professional work he also loves reading, writing journals and cooking.

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