Dubai is a stellar holiday destination. The queen of a city rests amidst the shining sand dunes and sparkling waters. With its futuristic architecture, zealous night life and gorgeous sites, it has etched its place on the world map. It boasts of landmarks such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Museum, Grand Mosque, Wild Wadi Water Park and many more. Not only this, Dubai is well-known for attractive job opportunities. People around the world choose to settle in this place finding comfort in its cultural diversity. Hotels in Al Barsha Dubai are one of the reasons to stay here and enjoy the hospitality.

Here are 7 reasons why you ought to visit Dubai at least once in your lifetime-


Dubai is incomplete without the mention of this majestic tower, isn’t it? It slithers its way in conversations on Dubai.

Burj Khalifa is an architectural marvel erected at 800 meters from the ground comprising of a whopping 163 floors. It offers a bird’s eye view of the city in its entire glory. Do you know that it was called Burj Dubai before it was christened to Burj Khalifa? If this place is on your bucket list, don’t forget to watch the sunset from the 124th floor. There is also a beach that offers a scintillating view of the skyline that is open to the public.

The visitor timings are in accordance with the peak hours. The tickets are priced at 100 dirhams for adults and 75 dirhams for the children. There is ample parking space for the stationing of the vehicles.

Burj Khalifa can be reached through a metro from Burj Khalifa metro station.

Active Nightlife

There are various clubs and pubs that are open throughout midnight. They also host renown DJ’s around the world. The popular ones include White Dubai, Blue Marlin and Cirque Le Soir. They specialize in different themes and have a culture of their own.

The legal drinking age in Dubai is 21 thebars uphold this rule. Visitors are let in after producing a passport and for the locals, a driving license is sufficient.

Whether it is hip hop or classical rock, there are clubs that satiate your music taste.  Some of them even organize a lady’s night on one of the days of the week. So pick your best dancing shoes and head over to the Dubai clubs.

Palm Jumeira

Palm Jumeira is an artificial archipelago comprising of three islands that together resemble a palm tree. There are shopping malls, hotels, beach resorts to pamper the visitors. Among the attractions, there is a A6-lane Highway Bridge that leads to a man-made island,The Palm. There are stunning theme parks to rekindle the joy of adventure in the adventure lovers.

Palm Jumeira is open to the visitors at no cost. The tourist spots in the island are open from 9 AM in the morning to 10 PM in the night.


Cultural Diversity

This one is to assure people who are relocating to Dubai for better quality of life or to the individuals in 20s or 30s who are leaving their family behind and stepping to the city of dreams. Let me tell you, the cultural diversity is unique and one of a kind. The people are a healthy mix of various nationalities. The best example to witness this is the Dubai International Airport where you will see people from other countries thronging the place more than the locals.

The city houses places of worship of all religions. In no time, you will consider it as your second home.

Luxury Budget Hotels

If you think your stay in Dubai is going to be expensive, then there are a lot of luxury budget hotels at your disposable. Some of them are even located near the Dubai International airport to make your commute easier. There are many Hotels in Dubai near airport that you can afford and are centrally located.

Hotels near the airport are comparatively cheaper. There are also hotel apartments that offer you even cheaper rates. Online booking will enable you to acquire attractive discounts. There are umpteen 4 start hotels in Dubai that offer exquisite experience and stay experience in affordable price.


The letter ‘D’ of Dubai, stands for desert. Not technically, but you get the idea. Take a camel ride on the sand dunes admiring the sunset on the way. Set up a camp fire amidst the sparkling sand and surround yourself with Arabian dancers, flame throwers and other artists. Enjoy a meal of traditional Arabian cuisine.

Ones looking for adventure can hire a quad bike in the desert. Swerving the bike in the desert, splurging sand on the way will set the adrenaline kicking. Families can opt for Landrovers with an Arabian guide for an enriching experience on the culture.

If you are in love with the sand and the site of swaying Palm trees, you can stay overnight in the desert. Desert resort and Spas enables you to book a private villa with a swimming pool alongside. Yes, you heard it right. You can stand on the balconies and allow the oasis to treat your eyes.

Jumeirah Mosque

Earlier you to get to see the nightlife of Dubai, now you will witness the city’s spiritual side.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Dubai is the Jumeira Mosque. It embraces worshippers of all faith and religion. It functions on these lines – ‘Open Doors. Open Minds’. It is the only mosque in Dubai that is open to the general public. The main hall of the mosque has the capacity to hold 1200 people. The carvings on the minarets and the artistry on the walls are worth admiring.

There is also provision for the visitors to sample on traditional Arabic drinks including coffee, dates and other varieties of foods.


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