pet travel tips airlineDo you have a pet? Are you planning to fly with your pet? If yes, you need to know that you need numerous preparations before the day of the flight. Many pet owners find it easy to carry their pets when driving because there are minimal inconveniences involved. Flying with a pet, on the other hand, can be challenging if you do not prepare adequately.

Most people want to fly with their pets for various reasons. You could fly with your pet in the following occasions:

  • If you are planning to go for a long holiday and there is nobody to take care of the pet for you.
  • If your pet has therapeutic benefits to you.
  • In instances where you are moving to a new residence, you might have to fly with your pet.

Here are the top tips that can guide you if you are looking for the best airline with reliable travel options animal:

Carry Your Pet With You?

Ask whether your airline allows passengers to fly with pets: Once you have decided that you will fly with your pet, the next decision is on which airline to use. Before you make reservations with an airline, contact them to inquire if they allow passengers to carry their pets with them. To check the airlines that allow passengers to travel with their pets, you can check out this website The site will provide you with a list of local and international airlines that offer friendly pet flight services and the policies that govern their flights.

Pet Space

Ask about the pet space that each airline provide: Pets are of different sizes, and this will determine the amount of space you will need when flying. If you have a pet that is medium or large, you will need a relatively larger space as compared to someone who has a small pet. If you find that the space available is small for your pet, you should look for another airline that provides spacious pet seats. The size of the pet seat that you book will determine the comfort your pet will get when flying.


Inquire about the fees an airline levies for people flying with pets. Flying with your pet will mean that you have to pay an extra fee. Based on the airline that one chooses, the fees you pay can vary significantly. A one-way flight could cost more than $100 in some airlines. To ensure that you get the best airline when flying with your pet, you should contact the different airlines’ customer care centers and inquire about the fees each airline will charge. Book a flight for yourself and your pet with an airline that will charge you a reasonable amount and has friendly pet policies.

Book Early

You should book your flight early enough. Depending on which airline you choose to travel in, there are different restrictions that regulate pet travels for each airline. For instance, some airlines allow two or five pets for a single flight and if you do not book your flight early, you will not find space for your pet. When buying your flight ticket, ensure that you confirm that there are seats for you and your pet on that flight. When booking for your flight, you should ensure that both your pet’s seat and your seat are reserved on one ticket for convenience.

Direct Flights

Ensure that you book airlines that offer direct flights. If you want to fly with your pet, you should ensure that you book an airline that offers a non-stop flight to your destination. A direct flight will ensure that you have little problems with connecting flights. Flight connections can be traumatizing to your pet because the flight is often prolonged. Your pet will get tired and stressed if the flight is prolonged.

Benefits For Pet Owners

Choose an airline that offers attractive benefits for pet owners. Some airlines provide pet owners with dedicated services that seek to assure them of the safety and comfort of their pets. Some of the packages are designed to ensure that your experience while traveling with a pet is enhanced. As such, you should look out for such airlines. For instance, some airlines provide pet tracking services to pet owners. To enhance your flying experience, you can always look out for the best deal for you and your pet before booking a flight.


There are basic items that you need to pack if you are traveling with your pet. The items that you pack will be important in guaranteeing the safety, comfort, and the health of your pet while away from home. Here are some of the items that are a must-pack if you are planning to fly with your pet:

  • The pet’s health clearance certificate from your vet.
  • Carry the latest medical records for your pet.
  • A comb and brush to help you groom your pet
  • Your pet’s leash and poop bag
  • Enough money for the expected trip
  • A stain remover and some paper towels
  • Your pet’s grooming products
  • Any medication that your pet could need while on the trip
  • An extra collar and an identification tag
  • Carry a blanket and a few toys for your pet

To ensure that flying with your pet will be fun and convenient, there are specific actions that you can take to guarantee the safety and the well-being of your pet. Follow the previous tips to make sure that your travel with your fur baby goes smoothly.


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