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So, you have planned everything for your upcoming vacation to Paris but still not sure, if you are missing on something. Well, to help you with this, we have listed 10 best travelling apps here you should download right now on your Android device. It will help you perform various tasks effortlessly while you travel away from your home.

Duplicate Photos Fixer:

Duplicate Photos Fixer is meticulously designed duplicate photo management tool that helps you deep clean your photo collection. Using this tool, you can effectively de-duplicate your photo collection and recover chunks of storage space effortlessly. Its matching algorithms help you find both similar & exact match duplicate photos on your device.

It offers flexible scan modes to help you decide whether you want full scan the device, scan a specific folder or scan camera images. It displays group wise results and offers preview option to help you avoid accidental deletion of important photos. It displays auto-mark results to save your time. Here, you will find all low-quality image files auto-marked to be deleted.

Duplicate Photos Fixer

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Snapseed is smart photo editor app that comes loaded with abundant useful features. It supports all major image formats and offers 29 tools & filters to help you refine your images. Here, you can simply apply multiple filters and effects on your images and save them easily on your device. It offers greater control over editing options where you can easily decide how you want to edit your image.


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Use this subscription-based service to enjoy movies and TV episodes right on your mobile device. Download this app to get the best experience anywhere anytime. It contains a library of thousands of TV episodes and movies. It is one of the best travelling apps that keep you engaged all the time. Here, you can browse your favorite episodes from a growing selection of thousands of titles and new episodes. You can even rate the shows so that Netflix can suggest you the best titles. It also offers a syncing feature where you can start watching the show on one device and resume it to another.


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Amazon Music:

Amazon Music is changing the way you find and play the music. It has one of the largest music libraries online where you can listen to your favorite songs without being annoyed by ads. It even offers an offline listening option for enhanced user experience. You can also try hands-free listening on your favorite device. You can perform unlimited skips and get unlimited access to millions of songs. Furthermore, you can listen to all latest releases whenever you want.

Amazon Music

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PUBG Mobile:

If you ever played any game on any device then you must have heard about PUBG. This recent sensation has followers around the world. This powerful & resource hungry game offers high-quality graphics and HD quality audio for the enhanced gaming experience. It offers realistic weapons and fair gaming environment with powerful anti-cheat mechanism. It offers a lot of travel options including trucks, cars, motorcycles, boats and more to hunt down your enemy.


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BBC News:

If you want to keep a tab on the latest happenings around you and in the world then you should install this powerful news app. BBC News gives you a clear insight on all important news to you with the live streaming option. Here, you can find all the top stories of the day in your personalized news feed. It even suggests you topics based on your location & preference. In other features, it offers push notifications, improved offline experience, photo galleries, font controls, share stories, related stories and more.

BBC news

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British Airways:

This is another important travelling app that helps you easily book your flight whenever you want. It gives detailed insight about all scheduled flights, available flights & seats and more. You can even use this app to check your flight status live. You can also use this app to access and purchase upgrade offers, add flights to your calendar, book seats in advance, get up-to-date arrival and departure time, and more.

British Airways

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Google Pay:

If you have not tried Google Pay till now then it’s time you should! This simple and secure payment app helps you send payments to friends & family, recharge your phone, pay bills, buy things online, pay at nearby stores and more. It enables making & receiving payment directly from your bank account. It offers multiple layers of security from your bank, UPI, and Google for better security. You can even try scratch cards to get instant rewards.

google pay

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Airbnb offers unforgettable travel experience. It gives you instant access to book home rentals nearby places where you are visiting. It offers the largest possible options to help you book vacation homes for you. Here, you will find the option to choose from 4 million vacation home rentals across 191+ countries. You can use this app to search for last minute travel accommodations or long-term rentals easily. You can use this nifty app to add events and experience to your itinerary.


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Google Trips:

Google Trip helps you organize the whole your trip automatically in an effortless manner. Here, you get access to all your travel reservations from your Gmail account that are organized into individual trips. It displays information like day plans, food & drink suggestions, things to do, and more. It even displays you nearby attractions to visit including its reviews and ratings. It also gives you access to view your hotel, flights, rental cars, restaurant bookings in one place.

google trips

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So, these are best traveling apps you should install on your Android device for enhanced traveling experience. If you have your personal favorite traveling apps, then feel free to comment below.

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