Incredible Things to Know About Dubai

The luxurious city Dubai – ever wondered how it all started? Get to know all the amazing facts only a few people know about Dubai in this article. The extravagant city mostly known for its modern and Islamic architecture, marine life, theme parks, entertainment and the night life has much more to offer the tourists coming from all parts of the world. Before you plan your next vacation, you will find a number of reasons to visit Dubai at-least once in your lifetime.

Dubai is United Arab Emirates’ business capital. It is the hub of trade and transportation and now mostly relies on tourism despite the whopping, approximately 4 billion barrels of untouched oil. The rulers believe that they don’t need it now. So, why extract it? How did they generate revenue back in the day? Read on to find out!

1. Unforgettable Adventures

Adventures and entertainment are the main focus of the city. The most adventurous attractions and activities include morning desert safari, overnight desert safari, jet skiing, dhow cruise dinner, and parasailing which attract tourists from all over the world. Thousands of tourists visit this traditional and cultural place to get the experience of a lifetime. From dune bashing, sand boarding, camel rides, wild quad bike rides to watching belly and tanoura dance in the blackout with a spot light on the dancer, witness it in the exact middle of the desert. All such fun in one place – unbelievable isn’t it?

2. Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing was also the country’s main source of generating revenue back in the day. The agricultural activity was efficient enough to win bread.  It is a beloved traditional sport that all Arab men must learn. the several techniques of fishing include spearing, gathering by hand, angling and netting but the most supported is netting as it is the oldest and was practiced by their forefathers.

3. Burj Al Arab

Burj al Arab takes luxury to the next level. It’s not just the only 7 star hotels in the world, but also has a 24 carat gold leaf spread out along the hotel, length recorded 1,790 square meters. Burj al Arab has 24 differently designed themed rooms in which tourists get to choose even the shape of the pillows that lay below their heads. The interior of the hotel from the chandelier to carpets, every piece is an artist’s dream.  It’s one of a kind exterior and interior is definitely worth a view.

4. Burj Khalifa


Burj Khalifa’s construction was started in 2004 which was concluded in 2010. One of the tallest buildings in the world, Burj Khalifa can be seen from approximately a distance of 95-km. Considering the facts, the Y shaped design of the building is derived from the Islamic architecture of the region. Its highest floor takes more than 2 minutes for the sunset to be visibly seen. Burj Khalifa has one of the most expensive hotels in the world that you have to pay $8,200 for a single night stay.

5. Princess Tower

Princess Tower is the tallest residential building in the world. 101 levels and it stand at 413.4 meters. The exterior of the building was designed by Adnan Saffarini in a modern Islamic manner and is located in Marina Dubai. Islamic cultural dome at the top of the building is a perfect illustration of flawlessness and successfully radiates peace.

6. Pearl Diving

Pearl diving is also known as UAE’s hidden gem and domestic agricultural occupation of the country. Recovering pearls from the wild marine life is no easy job. Pearls were usually oyster or mussels. Archeologists researched to come to a conclusion of how many years back does the pearl diving sports range too. History ranging back to 70,000 from now, the highly recognized brand, Cartier was UAE’s loyal customer.  It was the greatest contribution to the country.

7. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is the largest artificial island. The palm is made in the shape of a palm trees leaf and topped off with a beautiful crescent. The leaf is estimated to be 5km in diameter and the crescent is a 17km long curve, making it 22km altogether. The artificial island has worth 105 million dumped sand trucks that seals the seabed’s preventing the palm from dissolving. There is enough sand to fill 2.5 empire stated buildings.

8. Expatriated Country

The population of UAE is 9.2 million out of which there are only 1.4 million Emirati’s and 7.8 million expatriates. Nationalities include Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Iranis, Philippines, Egyptians and many others. The country has more men than women, 69% men and only the rest 31% women. It is also widely recognized as one of the most expatriated countries. Dubai is thriving to increase its local population by all possible means.

9. Largest Gold Reserves

Dubai loves gold. The amount of gold estimated according to a 2013 study emphasizes the fact that it owns 2,250 tons of gold which roughly equals to 354 elephants. The more the gold, the stronger the currency involving further gold reserves in a country makes its economic state healthier, and can help in times of difficulties.

10. Largest Number of Cranes

Did you know 20% of the world’s cranes operate in Dubai alone? The everyday growing and modifying infrastructure requires numerous cranes and labor. That makes 1 out of 4 cranes functioning in Dubai. The constructions of these beautiful buildings that surround us occupy these enormous cranes. While using these cranes special measures are taken.

11. Largest Indoor Snow Park

Mall of the Emirates is one of the largest malls which have the largest indoor snow park – called Ski Dubai – around the globe. Area estimated at 3,000, the freezing temperate of the snow park is maintained to be lower than -5% Celsius. The snow park consists of an 85-meter-high mountain, 5 slopes of varying steepness and a 40 meter long run. It is also inclusive of all snow sports such as bandy, luge, skeleton, bobsled, and tours lay down in a huge transparent inflated ball to roll down the hill. Enthusiasm everywhere!!

12. Zero Percent Crime Rate

It is the safest city in the world, crime rate being 0%. As safety and security is a prioritized sector in UAE, Dubai police is constantly patrolling 24/7 in every area for the safety of its residents. The reason for crime rate being next to nothing is the everyday rising job opportunity which satisfies the basic wants and needs of the general public.

13. Expensive Cars

As transportation is given priority to by the road and transport authority, which strives to make means of transportation better and affordable. The city had 13 cars in 1968 and now has an increased number which is recorded to be 154,400. The flexible leasing terms makes it easy for every citizen to have their own car and pay back in an extended period of time. UAE has Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin as police cars. These lavish cars are referred to as the most expensive cars around the globe.

Final Words

With the total area of the country being 83,600 kilo-meters square, Dubai occupies only 4,114 kilo meter square. In just 50 years Dubai has gained more than it will ever lose and it charges no income tax. The vibrant city Dubai has everything unique and the detail is given special attention to. In the middle of the desert, the city is fully air-conditioned and extremely well organized, attracting tourists from all over the world twelve months round. The modern and olden architectural background makes it sight enlightening.

Dubai invites you to experience all these facts by yourself. Get to glare at the eternity. Make your decision now. This very moment counts. Don’t waste it.

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