Goa was once under the colonial rule of Portugal and they built many forts here. These forts tell the tale of the bygone era. These forts are best visited by car. So gets a self-drive car in Goa by contacting the car rental services in Goa and visit them. There are plenty of unexplored and virgin places that can help you relax in Goa.

So, ditch the common places and visit the following on your next trip to Goa.

1. Hollant beach:

This place is located in Bogmalo, South Goa. It is basically a photographer’s heaven. The long sand, old boats, unpolluted and clean sea with white sand is mesmerizing.

2. Galgibab beach:

It is located in the south of Talpona River, the southern part of Goa. This is the cleanest beach in Goa. This place is the hatching and seasonal retreat for endangered Olive Ridley turtle.

3. Kakolem beach:

It is located near Cabo de Rama resort. It is also known as tiger beach. This beach is completely deserted and does not get many visitors. So, it is a great choice for peace lovers.

4. Cola beach:

Located in Canacona, it is surrounded by palm tree groves, beach huts, and tents. This place can be a great option for glamping or camping. The bonus point is the presence of pretty lagoon and a serene ambience.

5. Butterfly beach:

This unexplored beach in South Goa is a natural habitat of dolphins, crabs, and butterflies.

6. Querum(Keri) beach:

It is one of the lesser known places to visit in North Goa. The quiet beach is adorned with waves, shacks and white sands. There is also the Tiracol fort. Catch the meeting place of the Tiracol River and the Arabian Sea.

7. Betul beach:

This is a typical coastal fishermen beach. There are small forts (belonging to 17th century), a tiny lagoon and a lighthouse. Enjoy the local style of seafood in the shack restaurants.

8. Cabo de Rama:

This fort is located on the Mumbai-Cochin highway in South Goa. It is a secret place offering a breathtaking view of Cabo de Rama beach. You can spot Old Portuguese canons here. It is a perfect place for photo shoots and picnics or a romantic escapade.

9. Sinquerim fort:

It is totally eye catchy. It is a delight for photography junkies. The fort is an architectural marvel and is quite unexplored. The beach is also relaxing. Tourists can enjoy a variety of water sports here.

10. Tiracol fort:

This fort is a hidden gem of North Goa. It is a beautifully designed fort. Now, it is a hotel open for tourists. This fort offers a view of the Indian Ocean. Tiracol fort has seven rooms named after each day of a week. And each of them offers the best view on its namesake day.

11. Arvalem caves:

It is among the virgin places to visit in North Goa. It has the relics of Hinduism and Buddhism. The caves are also known as Pandava Caves. There are five Shiva lingams in each compartment. The cave also has a large Buddha statue.

12. Rivona caves:

This cave is located in Rivona of south Goa. It is said that it was once the seat of a Buddhist monk. There are also sculptures and paintings of Buddhism. It also offers a view of the sea. Do not miss it if you love history.

13. Lamgau cave:

It is an architectural masterpiece in Bicholim consisting of intricate carvings, tulsi Vrindavan and Nandi statue.

14. Harvelam falls:

This fall is located near Sanquelim village of North Goa. It is hidden from the public eye by a dense and lush forest. The place gives complete privacy to tourists. Experience the milky white water cascading down through scenic boulders. If you have time, do visit Rudreshewar temple and Arvalem.

15. Bananbudo waterfalls:

This is another unexplored falls located in Gaodogrem, south Goa. It is a peaceful and silent place. This waterfall is a great spot for rejuvenation.

16. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is regarded as the 2nd largest wildlife reserve in Goa. Despite of its ranking, it lacks the percentage of fauna. Nevertheless, one can witness captivating sights of flora. It is a wonderful place for recreation.

17. Butterfly conservatory of Goa:

This unexplored place of Rajnagar, North Goa presently houses over 133 species of butterflies. This fairytale-like place offers a walking trail through lush greenery with butterflies as your companions.

18. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary:

It is located in Chorao islands and is pristine in every sense. The quite mangrove forest, varied species of migratory birds makes the place heavenly.

19. Chorla Ghats:

This lost gem is nestled in the Goa- Maharashtra Border. The lush vegetation of Western Ghats offers chances of bird watching, trekking, hiking and many more. Visit this place once.

20. Savoi Spice Plantations:

This forgotten place of north Goa is the spice heaven of Goa. The vegetation also includes rare herbs, colorful orchards, Goanurak, and feni.

So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Goa and explore these hidden gems.

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