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Whitsunday is a beautiful tourist place in Australia. It is a group of 74 islands with exotic beaches, crystal-clear water, diverse wildlife, forests, etc. Every year, millions of tourists from all parts of the world visit this place and spend quality times. If you are also planning to tour Whitsunday, here are a few things that should be kept in mind for trouble-free excursion:

  1. Passport Requirements



You need to have a valid passport to travel Whitsunday, Australia. Your passport should have minimum 6 months validity. Actually, the list of documents for a trip to Whitsunday always varies depending on the purpose of the trip, the type of transport, whether the adult or the child is traveling or other things.

  1. Visa Requirements

You need to have a visa to enter Australia and tour Whitsunday. If you hold the citizenship of New Zealand, you don’t need to get a visa to travel this tourist place. You will have to pass a character test for this. You can get a visa on arrival. Citizens from other countries need to have a visa-

  • ETA (Electronic Travel Authority),
  • eVisitor, and
  • e676 (Electronic Tourist Visa). You also need to have a signed and completed Incoming Passenger Card and character and health declarations

If you want to enter Australia and tour Whitsunday as a short-term tourist or a business traveller, the Australian Embassy in your country can issue an ETA visa if

  • Your passport is eligible for an ETA
  • You don’t intend to work in Australia,
  • You don’t intend to stay in Australia for more than 3 months,
  • You don’t have a criminal record in your native country and
  • Your health is good.
  1. Immunization

All those individuals who enter Australia after living 6 days in a country or area which is affected by yellow fever, need to be vaccinated against this disease. Travellers must be vaccinated against influenza, MMR, and tetanus-diphtheria if they suffered from it recently.

  1. Tickets and Insurance

One of the conditions for issuing a visa is the mandatory presentation of tickets of both sides or confirmation of reservation. So, Air tickets or other travel documents must be written in the full name given in the passport. Make sure your name printed on the ticket is correct to travel without any problem.

You must also buy a health insurance even if it is not required to obtain a visa. The absence of this document can lead to serious expenses if you get injured or sick during your tour to Whitsunday.

  1. Travelling With Kids

Traveling with kids

If you are travelling with kids, you also need to have the necessary documents and follow the guidelines of the Australian government.

  1. Packing and the Best Time to Travel

You can travel Whitsunday throughout the year because of its excellent weather. The best time of travelling is from May through to November. Try to keep your luggage as light as possible.

  1. Language

English is the native language of Australia. So, you must have at least the basic knowledge of English to tour Whitsunday easily and comfortably, communicate with the local people, buy food and other products easily. If you don’t understand English at all, avail the services of a tour guide who knows your language.

  1. Book Cheap Hotels and Prefer Affordable Restaurants

Always keep in mind that Australia is a very expensive country. So, you need to control your spending habits to save some bucks. Stay in affordable hotels and eat food in restaurants that offer various food items at reasonable price tags. One time simple food bill amounts to AU$20. Be careful when you consume local seafood and other food items. Always ask for their ingredient before placing orders. This will help you to keep yourself away from food poisoning.

  1. Keep A copy of Your Important Documents

When you are touring in a foreign country, it is always advisable to keep a copy of your important documents stored in Email accounts, laptops, etc. it helps you to get back your original documents if you lose it after unfortunate mishappenings.

  1. Travel In A Group

Always travel in a group to avoid unforeseen problems. If you are travelling alone, inform your trip program to the hotel you are staying in. In many cases, people go missing because of their inability to track the travel paths. In such cases, local law enforcement agencies could easily find you based on your information.

  1. Play Water Sports Carefully


Being on the seashore, rivers or lakes and playing different water games (such as Wakeboarding, Surfing, Windsurfing, Diving, etc,) always gives greater pleasure. You can practice your favorite sport and revitalize your body. But, always keep in mind that water games are full of tragedies. If things go haywire all of a sudden, you can be a victim of an unpleasant accident and suffer from different problems, such as

Lack of air, Shortness of breath, Deep anesthesia, Vertigo, Dizziness, vomiting underwater, spasm of the vocal cords, lung rupture, Cramp of the calf muscle, Stress Decompression disease. So, if you are a new traveller, always avail the help of experts of water games. They will guide you how to play different water sports safely and keep injuries away.

Final Words

Whitsunday attracts a large number of tourists from all parts of the world. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can make your trip to Whitsunday an unforgettable moment of your life.

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