Enjoy Expensive DestinationsThe idea of flying somewhere can bring about thoughts of crowded planes and airports, short connecting flight times, lost luggage, bad service, possible weather delays, and expensive ticket prices. Flying from one destination to another is cheaper than it ever has been, but can still remain out of reach for those on a strict budget. With airlines now charging extra for luxuries like extra leg room, exit-row seating, checked luggage, and food, the price of a lone ticket can add up rapidly. For this reason, vacationing families might choose driving for a few days as the cheaper option to reach their destinations. Flying does not have to be inaccessible to anyone. There are many ways travelers can save money by finding the best prices on airline tickets.

Purchase Tickets Early

Purchasing tickets in advance is a smart idea for two reasons. First, it saves money. Ticket prices increase as departure day approaches. Second, airlines fly fewer planes meaning there are fewer seats to purchase. A flight could fill up quickly leaving no available tickets to purchase. This is especially true when flying to a desirable vacation destination. There will also be more options for seat preferences.

Off-Peak Travel

Off-peak travel means looking for flights that operate during less popular times of the day. For instance, many business travelers prefer to fly to their destinations early in the morning so they have the majority of their day to work. This also applies to the days of the week, holidays, and seasons. Mondays tend to be busier than Tuesdays and Fridays are busier than Saturdays. Over the holidays, many people travel to visit loved ones in other locales. During the summer, most children are out of school making family travel very popular. Likewise, family travel slows down in fall when children are back to school. It is important to compare these different aspects, looking for less popular travel times, when searching for the best ticket prices.

Travel Light and Bring Snacks

Many airlines now charge extra for checked luggage, carry-on luggage, snacks, drinks, preferred seating, and even blankets. Finding a good deal on a ticket can easily be negated by all the extra fees involved. Luggage fees, for example, can range from $25 to $60 and vary greatly among airlines. Travelers can save money by packing versatile essentials in a small bag as well as bringing their own snacks. Most food is allowed through security providing it meets the liquids requirements and is under three ounces. Most fruits and vegetables as well as small containers of dip are allowed. Sandwiches and chips are also a good option to bring along on a flight.Since food on airplanes and in airports is usually expensive, this can save quite a bit of money.

Fly Budget Airlines and do not use Middlemen

There are quite a few lesser-known airlines that offer inexpensive tickets. These budget airlines do not always deliver all the perks of larger legacy airlines but they can still save money. It is important, when booking with budget airlines, to read the fine print, know every fee being charged, and compare prices. The basic ticket price could be exceptionally cheap, but after adding amenity fees in, it is no cheaper than a more all-inclusive type ticket. It is also best to check directly with the airline rather than using middlemen such as travel agents or non airline websites. There are usually additional fees added into ticket prices booked this way. Airlines do not add on addition fees when booking directly through them. This can also be helpful in the event of a delay or mechanical issue, offering assurance and protection to travel. A traveler can simply contact their airline and be helped immediately rather than being referred to the party who sold them their ticket.

Volunteer when Flights are Oversold or fly Standby

Sometimes airlines end up with oversold flights. This usually is not apparent until just before the flight begins to board and all passengers have checked in. A flight is considered oversold when the passengers outnumber the seats available. Almost every time this happens, the airline will ask for volunteers to give up their seat on the current flight and take a later flight. For compensation, passengers can be given up to $1000 to use on future airline tickets. This can easily pay for the next vacation. Standby tickets are usually cheaper than standard tickets. Standby can be beneficial if traveling during off-peak times. All passengers paying full price will get on the plane first and those on standby will board only if there are seats still available.

Frequent Flier Programs and Credit Cards

Most airlines offer frequent flier programs along with their own credit cards. Points are earned by spending money on these credit cards. The points can then be used to purchase tickets. If one is simply using these cards as they normally would for regular purchases and paying them off, travel earned is free. Frequent flier programs work in a similar way, giving travelers points for every trip they take. They can then use these for future travel. These program often come with extra perks included like free checked luggage, early boarding, and even gate-to-gate Porsche transfer service for tight connections.

As anyone can see, flying does not have to break the bank. Flying can be as inexpensive as spending hours or even days driving in the car. Smart ways to save include buying early, packing light, joining frequent flier programs, and checking out budget airlines. It only takes a little work, research, and creativity to find cheap tickets and get away!

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