Top 10 Christmas Holiday Destinations for Travelers

Well, Christmas holidays ironically means higher ticket rates, rough weather, and long waiting lists for hotel bookings but what if we tell you that it can be the best time to travel in the most economical way possible? Sure, you want to know. This is the ultimate list of all the vacation spots that are affordable and striking beyond imagination.

1. Mexico

For anyone who avoids extreme cold Mexico should be the place. The weather here is relatively warm and almost perfect for vacations. Hotels are available under 78 Pounds per night per couple. What else do you need? A lovely holiday spot, Pretty weather, and a cheap place to stay if you ask us you’re all set for a fun-filled experience.

The large international airport at Mexico’s Pacific coast almost always has latest Christmas voucher codes for flights. And when you are there don’t forget to visit the Chichen Itza ruins in Tulum. Look out for the breathtaking cenotes and mysterious caves for the perfect Insta selfies.

2. Alabama

The currency used here is US Dollars, but the place is incredibly cheap. The low-cost tour’s daily budget will be only around $100 meaning only 78 Pounds. Any average hotel will cost almost 50 Pounds for a couple per night, and the mid-range deal would be approximately 50 to 60 Pounds. The major attractions of the state are McWane science centre, Mobile Bay, and many memorials.

3. Cambodia

There are two reasons to add Cambodia to the list; many cheap but valid Christmas discount codes and a bucket list of attractive spots. An excellent four-star hotel here will only cost 30 Pounds per night is it too much? No, we don’t think so! The weather of Cambodia is at its best during December and January making Christmas an ideal time to head for the country.

4. Tennessee

The national park area of Tennessee is as enchanted as one can envisage and unexpectedly frugal. Hotels are unimaginably available at lower rates even during the Christmas season. The hotels at the ideal location like the entrance of the national park are available under 100 Pounds. What else a traveller want?

It is the cheapest fun ski destination in winters with its nine ski runs. The wonderfully frozen waterfalls at the end of the year and spotting wildlife among the snow-clad mountains is one of the experiences that keep the hearts warm for a lifetime.

5. Hawaii

The well-known, accessible, and steaming with the tourists yet reasonably frugal, this destination is a paradise for every traveller. The ultimate catch here is to avoid resorts in favour of hotels. You will still have vast greenery and beaches to enjoy and at the place so naturally rich in the beauty you won’t even regret ditching the comforts of a resort.

The diversity of the place can be guessed by the vastly different activities famous here from golf to waterfall views, and from surfing to whale watching. As the area is considered a tourist hub, there are several deals offered to avail.

6. Georgia

At the intersection of Europe and Asia sits a magnificent country. It is home to Caucasus mountain villages and black sea beaches. The famous spot, however, remains the mysterious Vardiza, a 12th-century cave monastery. If you happen to be a wine lover, then the ancient wine growing Kakheti is a heaven for you.

Winters are mildly cold here and because it is situated at the intersection Christmas discount codes and promo codes can also be enjoyed as opposed to the Asian side of the planet where Christmas is not as big as it is in the counterpart.

7. India

The beaches of Goa are being known for Hippie hangouts for decades now, and equally popular is the Taj Mahal of Agra. The country is so rich culturally that every city has its traditions and visiting it once is never enough.

The currency rate is low thankfully which ultimately benefits the tourists. Rishikesh is the soulful yoga centre at the base of Himalayan trekking. The trekking to this yoga centre purifies the mind and soul for it is serene and full of natural wonders.

8. Argentina

Do the tango! The country is insanely famous for tango dance and music. Tango to Argentina is like a pizza to Italy and fashion to Paris. The dance moves are not the only seducing tools, this destination lures with wafting grills and its maddening love for football makes the temptation of visiting hard to resist.

The culture is a fantastic blend of Latin America and Europe which makes everyone fall in love. The currency is low compared to Dollars and Pounds. With its steamy dance and delicious food in budget-able amounts, the winters from Argentina are calling.

9. Costa Rica

Ultra-cheap accommodations and inexpensive airfares make it the perfect Christmas destination. The average three-star hotel is under 35 Pounds here. This is not the dry time but it also treats time as baby sea turtle hatch, and you can witness the mystic hatchings. The whale and bird watching and surfing are also the reasons we urge you to visit Costa Rica this Christmas.

10. Vietnam

Hoi An is loved and celebrated for decades by the tourists, but Da Nang is a relatively new discovery. The charm for both of the places is the cheap hotels. Accommodation is really low-cost in Vietnam as an excellent four-star hotel is available in less than 25 Pounds.

Vietnamese food is a sure thing to try, and both of the locations we are talking about have many restaurants catering to the visitors and locals alike. There are many spots inviting sightseeing in the country which you wouldn’t find on the map directly.

Wrap Up

We have tried to bust the myth that travel is a luxury which requires you to be filthy rich. The places mentioned here are startlingly gorgeous and bound to please the frugal traveller in you. These destinations are an epic example of what they say, “take only memories, leave only footprints”.

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