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Australia is a continent and a country at the same time. It is the smallest continent and sixth largest country of the world. The Australians are considered to be quite laid back and easy going. They are never in hurry and always smile while we look at them. Not just these things, the Oceanic country is also famous for several other things such as its cities, health care, and more.

Here are some of the best things for which Australia is famous for –

Great Barrier Reef –

The Great Barrier Reef is an underwater eco-system in the Australian sub continent. It is a marine park so big that is also visible from space; moreover, it is stretched over 3000 km and provides spectacular views of marine life.

The Great Barrier Reef is also listed among the seven most beautiful natural wonders of the world. So if you are in Australia, make sure that you are diving in this place to experience the corals.

Uluru Mountain –

The Uluru/Ayers Rock is a red sandstone formation in the Southern part of the Northern Territory in Central Australia. The sandstone formation changes its colors throughout the day and gives beautiful natural views. Since it is a natural formation, it is a preserved area. The Aboriginals of Australia are habitants of this place, they acts as guides to people coming to see the Uluru Mountain. The mountain formation is approx. 9 km in circumference, 348 meters above sea level; of which most of the part is underground.

Australian Beaches –

Australia is covered with beaches all over; there are plenty of beaches in Australia. It is estimated that Australia has more than 10,000 beaches in the country. This is the major reason why beaches are an important part of Australian culture.

Close to 80% Australian population lives on the coastal areas; these also enjoys amazing water sports such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling etc.

Some of the most popular Australian Beaches are as follows –

  • Avalon Beach
  • Bondi Beach
  • Coogee Beach
  • Palm Beach
  • Shelly Beach
  • Mermaid Beach
  • Whitehaven Beach
  • Greenmount Beach
  • Ninety Mile Beach
  • Cable Beach

Sydney City –

Sydney is the largest populous Australian city and state capital of New South Wales. It is located on the Australia’s east coast and is renowned globally to be a very popular city.

The city has two major landmarks namely Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Both two of them are located nearby and is a global tourist attraction. In addition to this, Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are recognized landmarks of Australia as well.

The country now has one of the best visa systems for travelers and short period tourists. It is known as ETA Visas which are limited to few countries only. The process is highly advanced and does not require any paperwork or stamps in process. If you are planning to visit Australia soon; it is suggested to consult a visa agent for professional advisory.

Blue Mountains –

It is a mountain range in the New South Wales Region of Australia. The popular mountain range is close to 50 km from Sydney. It was earlier inhabited by Aboriginals until the Europeans arrived. It is now a famous place for treks, walking trails and a few adventure sports.

Blue Mountains in 2000 were listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Reason being the mountain range was capable enough to contain wide and balanced representations of Eucalypt Habitats. In addition to this, the site is also home to several evolutionary relic species.

Barbecue Culture –

Australians just love barbecues; most of the Australians have one or more barbecues in their home. Just like Australian beaches, these are also a major part of Australian culture. It is a favorite pastime practice during the summers. The Australian slang calls ‘barbecue’ as ‘Barbie’ or ‘barbies’ in plural.

People in Australia also enjoy their weekends in the park and use barbies to cook food items such as sausages, breads, beef steak, lamb etc.  Over the recent years; there is a slight change in tastes and preferences of the Australians. Crayfish or prawns are favorite food preference for a barbecue dinner these days.

Australian Cricket –

Cricket in Australia is highly entertained. The country has an international cricket team. It is also considered as one of the wild and bold teams in the cricket world. The players of Australia are admired by most of the cricket admirers as well.

Some of the most fearsome Australian cricket players are Don Bradman, Steve WaughAdam Gilchrist, Shane Warne, Brett Lee and along with several others. The Australians are also renowned to be ICC World Cup Champions in 1987, 1999, 2003 and 2007.

Apart from International cricket; the game is also enjoyed and played among domestic teams such as Perth Scorchers, Melbourne Renegades, and Brisbane Heat etc.

Laid Back Culture –

Australians are really admired for having a laid back attitude towards life. They are humble, polite and take things easy. Moreover, it is observed that even cops in Australian cities are polite in talks with people. This is one of the traits which are missing in many other countries of the world.

Unique Marine Life –

Australian aquatic life is indeed unique. Any diver who dives in the clean waters of Australia will be amazed to see the amazing marine life Australian continent offers to them.

The aquatic life of Australia has more than 4,000 different types of species, more than 1500 species of corals in Great Barrier Reef and it is assumed that 80% of marine plants, fishes, mammals, and reptiles living in Australian waters are nowhere found in the world.

Conclusion – The country is indeed amazing, it is also to be noted that the citizens of Australia are well aware of the wonders they have in their surroundings. Thus, they are concern for them as well. Australian beaches, cities, waters are very clean.

The Government of Australia is also very strict in maintaining the law and is devoted to keep things in order. Overall, Australia has successfully preserved its cities, people, beaches, environment, flora & fauna well.

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