Things to Do in Orlando

Planning a trip to the Sunshine State but don’t fancy heading to the theme parks? We’ve teamed up with Globehunters, specialists in cheap flights to Orlando, and are proud to bring you five fantastic things to do when in Orlando that don’t involve taking to the rollercoasters.

  1. Orlando Tours

Of the millions of tourists who visit Orlando every year a significant number fail to familiarise themselves with more than its theme parks. This is of course perfectly fine; a great deal of those visiting Orlando only do so to experience its world class theme parks. For those looking to see more of Orlando and less of its roller coasters though, one fantastic way to do this is to simply take a tour of Orlando.

There are numerous tour options offered in Orlando, with many also providing the addition of transport via coach travelling between Miami Beach and Orlando on a daily basis.

For those unfamiliar with the city though, one of the best by far to begin with is provided by tour operators Orlando Kissimmee Helli-Tours. As the name hints, this is a tour operator which provides helicopter tours of Orlando. Those who brave to take a Helli-Tour do not just get an aerial and unique view of the city, but as well get to tick travelling by helicopter off their bucket list.

So, for an exhilarating ride that really does top even the best rollercoaster to call Orlando home, this is a fantastic way to kick-start your adventure in Orlando.

  1. Gatorland: The Alligator Capital of the World

Ask most people what they think of when Orlando is mentioned and they will reply with ‘theme park’ or ‘alligators’. Equally these are two reasons why many opt to jet out to Orlando for their holidays. For those lured by the latter, no holiday in Orlando would be complete without a visit to the aptly named Gatorland.

A really great attraction that is both fun and educational,  and better yet open come rain or shine (apparently alligators unlike rollercoasters aren’t deterred by a little adverse weather), Gatorland is home to a wealth of daily shows, exhibits and experiences appropriate for and able to be enjoyed by those of all ages. Hence, Gatorland makes a really exciting day out for all the family. What’s more, under three’s enter for free.

  1. The Skeleton Museum

Orlando is home to a great many exciting, unique and straight up bizarre yet brilliant attractions. One such place to visit that avoids having to enter the theme parks and yet doesn’t fail to deliver on the excitement factor is what has locally come to be known as ‘the skeleton museum’.

More accurately, the skeleton museum is actually called Skeletons: Animals Unveiled and is located at the well known I-Drive 360 Complex in Orlando, It is also the first museum of its kind in the world, and currently the only one.

Whilst many museums feature skeletons, the skeleton museum is home to a staggering 500 genuine animal skeletons spread throughout over 40 different exhibits. Hence, educational, fascinating and a once in a lifetime attraction, this is not a place to miss when holidaying in Orlando.

  1. Orlando Sealife Aquarium

The second attraction to make this top five list that is located in the I-Drive 360 Complex and one tipped as a must-see when in Orlando is Orlando’s Sealife Centre.

Home to an overwhelming and exceptional array of sea creatures from sharks and octopuses to seahorses, clownfish and anemones, Orlando’s Sealife Centre unlike many others out there provides a genuinely interactive experience, permitting visitors to ‘get closer than ever before’ to many of their most exciting and unusual creatures, fish and sea life.

Kids will love the centre’s 360 degree ocean tunnel that transports those brave enough to enter into an underwater world and by doing so provides a unique view and experience of the surrounding sea creatures that call the centre home. Meanwhile, adults are likely to find the centre’s constant conservation efforts equally interesting.

At the very least, this is one place families can take the kids that allows them to learn firsthand about the ocean and interact with what lives within it in a way they’ll remember for a lifetime whilst also providing a safe and controlled environment that encourages and promotes respect for its sea life inhabitants rather than simply exploiting them for the purpose of entertainment.

  1. Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

Located in Orange County is the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve. Located anywhere else in the world this place would stud the crown of attractions. Only in Orlando which is home to so many flashy theme parks does a place like the Tibet-Butler Preserve manage to go somewhat under the radar. Then, in an attempt to change all that, the Tibet-Butler Preserve features on this list – and deservedly so.

For those looking to get out and about and really soak up some of the Orlando sun and air, the Tibet- Butler Preserve provides amble scope and some of the most exciting and exhilarating landscapes and scenery through which to hike, trek and adventure.

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