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You do not have to go across the world to have wonderful experiences, but whether you travel close to home or sojourn to foreign lands, make the occasions memorable. Look for instances that will provide something new, different or fresh that will add to your knowledge base and enjoyment of life.

Regardless of the season that you vacation, it is always important to stay hydrated. The hydration calculator uses your body weight, length of activity and environmental surroundings to determine how much water you need to consume. Spread the water out over the course of the day for best results.

Our country has so much to offer: magnificent scenery, historical information, outrageous entertainment, and mind-blowing educational opportunities. Whether you travel by car, train, plane, boat or bus, soak up the happenings and cherish the time spent with family, friends or groups. The following vacation spots provide days or weeks of wonderful things to do. One of the best ways to experience a place is to “get lost.” That is one way to see places that are not tourist attractions. Of course, you will want to be sure you are “getting lost” safely.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Home to the oldest Amish community in the United States, Lancaster County’s Amish residents live plain, simple lives. Horse and buggies share the roadway with automobiles and windmills dot the countryside.

The idyllic lifestyle of the Amish culture hearkens back to a bygone era where neighbours helped one another, people left their doors unlocked, and tilling the soil was the mainstay of the family.

In this picturesque countryside, you will find farmer’s markets filled with fresh foodstuffs and home-produced delicacies that will satisfy the fussiest taste buds. Horse-drawn carriages and tours of the countryside, where you can witness harvests, crops in the fields, and a different way of life, allow you to view a real taste of Dutch charisma. Tour an Amish farm house and stroll about the grounds, or observe the one-room schoolhouse to see how lessons are taught. Visitors can experience rides in buggies or wagons as they tour lush green landscapes, farms with open fields, silos, windmills, and fields that are freshly plowed with horse-drawn cultivators.

Modern- convenience is anathema to the Amish, as they seek to disassociate themselves from secular society. Toward that end, they emphasize family and community above the ideas that are accepted by modern culture.

The Amish culture is an educational experience for the visitor. Seeing their system of education, church, and self-sufficiency is an eye-opener for modern society and gives the tourist an opportunity to see an alternative lifestyle that works well within their culture. Children work on the farms, along with their parents, and they are not distracted with the modern technologies that other children take for granted.

Boston, Massachusetts

Fall is the ideal time to visit Boston, if for no other reason than the changes of the colors of foliage. The weather is crisp and its history is exciting.

As the capital and the largest city in the state, Boston has something for every age group. Steeped in history, it offers the Freedom Trail, which emphasizes the American Revolution. Faneuil Hall Marketplace, which is a shopping center spanning three historic buildings crammed full of stores and restaurants. Boston Common, the oldest city park in the country, is located downtown. This 50-acre park contains the burial plots of many noted Bostonians and historical figures. Adjacent to this beauty is the Boston Public Gardens, where you can view ducks and swans in the “pond,” as well as have a ride in a “swan” pedal boat. Enjoy the beautiful flowers, towering trees, and flowering shrubs along the walkways.

Baseball enthusiasts will want to see Fenway Park and note it historical significance. Year-round walking guided tours are available for your pleasure.

Boston’s oldest church, the Old North Church, cannot be missed. Its individual family pews are as interesting as its historical “one if by land, two if by sea” signal, which relates to Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride.

Enjoy a cruise in the Boston Harbor, where you can listen to a 90-minute narration of historic stories, interesting characters, and local folktales. View the oldest lighthouse and gorgeous homes along the waterfront.

San Antonio, Texas

Definitely visit San Antonio during the fall season. The summer is hot, hot, hot, and it will take away from an awesome experience. Spend a day at the Alamo, where you can relive its famous battle, then head to the numerous shops and restaurants along the famed River Walk, which meanders through the center of the city, or cruise the waterways and glide under its arched stone bridges viewing verdant surroundings.

You can stroll along its cypress-lined conduits and experience its splendor located one level below the city streets. Numerous delights are available for your entertainment: scavenger-hunt adventures, dinner cruises, hop-on/hop-off buses, parades, open-air theaters, art, and so much more.

Another point of interest is the Natural Bridge Caverns. This natural attraction provides fun and adventure for the entire family. See formations that have been carved into strange shapes by water drops over a long period of time. Experience a 5,000 square foot outdoor maze. Pan for treasures at the Mining Company.

Round out your visit at Seaworld or Six Flags, especially if you have children. They will marvel at the 250-acre Sea World Park, where they will be plunged into the miracles of the sea. You are in store for thrills and shrills at the rides, activities and shows at Six Flags.

Vacation travel is meant to be a time of enjoyment, exploration and learning. Whether you travel alone, with family, or in a group, taking advantage of new experiences will help you store up lifelong memories. Seeing all the places and doing all the things of which you have dreamed is something that you cannot replace. You do not want to come to the end of life and say, “ I wish I had …”

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